Pensions & Retirement | Employee Insight series 2017

What barriers are stopping people from saving towards retirement?

What can employers do to support employees in getting to grips with pensions and retirement?

Our new research report draws from a survey of some 1,200 UK employees in March 2017 and highlights:

  • Employee attitudes to pensions and other forms of long-term savings
  • The age people hope to retire compared to what actuarial mortality tables reflect
  • What action employees will take if their pension savings is lower than they hoped for
  • What employees expect from a pension scheme
  • The impact pension communications have on decision-making
  • The demand for financial education to help save for retirement

You can download a copy of the report now!

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About the research methodology

The research is based on the results and findings from our own online survey of UK employees, as well as drawing from a wide variety of different sources, such as the Office for National Statistics, the Pensions Policy Institute, the Resolution Foundation, etc

We commissioned an online survey of 1,200 UK employees aged 16+ which was conducted between 23 March and 30 March 2017. Participants in the research were all members of the Research Now survey panel.

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