Auto enrolment

Through our experience and our award-winning consultancy, we can help you to overcome concerns about any element of automatic enrolment and to ensure that your duties are fully met.

Our market-leading technology solutions provide a seamless, fully automated experience, without the burden of unnecessary administration. It is automated and it covers every action that employers are required to carry out. It is tried and tested, and is actively in place, working for clients of all sizes, including FTSE 100 businesses.

If you already have a solution in place that isn't working for you, it can be a daunting prospect to have to go through the whole process again. But we have the technology and expertise to ensure that you receive full implementation support to aid you in the transfer, so it is hassle-free and any previous issues are quickly and easily addressed and resolved.

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When staging for auto enrolment the focus for most businesses is simply to ‘get through it’. But now faced with the reality that the employer duties are forever, can you be confident that your processes and procedures are in good enough shape to cope?

So far, we have staged over 200 companies successfully and in doing so have found that there are a number of common concerns – namely, the sheer time-consuming and costly nature of the process, planning the staff communications strategy, ensuring 100 per cent compliance, and the possibility of post-staging issues with either the pensions provider or the chosen technology solution.

Through our award-winning consultancy and market-leading technology solutions we’ve taken these burdens away from our clients, giving them peace of mind and the knowledge that they’re fully compliant.

Things you may need to consider

Whether you're just starting out on the journey to automatic enrolment or you’re reaching your first automatic re-enrolment date, we offer tailor-made, innovative solutions that will help you through the process.


We have developed an automatic enrolment health check, where our specialist consultants spend time with key stakeholders to fully understand their business requirements.

Following this, we prepare a detailed health check report, which highlights both successes and any issues, and provides guidance on what’s required in order for employer duties to be successfully met.

Given the amount of admin and data requirements around auto-enrolment, a technology-driven solution is vital in helping companies fulfil their new employer duties.

The term used to describe this technology is ‘middleware’ – a link that sits between the employer’s HR and payroll systems and the pension scheme provider.

The level of sophistication and development required to handle, assess, and process such a complex topic means middleware is out of reach for the vast majority of employers, should they consider implementing an in-house solution.

This is where Orbit, our market-leading employee benefits portal, really stands out from the crowd. It's the first auto-enrolment middleware that does it all. It will link seamlessly with your systems and not only is it automated, every action required under the employer duties is covered.

Our ongoing administration ensures that all requirements continue to be met.

Our dedicated communication expertise encourages employee engagement.

We provide strategic analysis and assist with even the most complex of arrangements.

Client testimonial

Capita provided a market-leading technology solution, allowing us to overcome major, complex employer duties legislation. They enhanced the software with middleware technology to interact with our HR systems and different payroll systems to assess workers, making it a smooth and painless journey.

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