Benefit strategy

We have pioneered the use of data analytics as a dynamic approach to developing employee benefits strategies.

We focus on utilising consumer analytics to better understand your employees and how they interact with benefits. With over 450,000 individual employees making 10 million benefit decisions a year on our platform, Orbit, we are in a unique position to understand just how employees act when given choice in their employee benefits. 

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Our approach

Our Optimise service provides a data-led evidence-proven strategic employee benefits and reward programme. The service encompasses employee demographic analytics, effective competitive benchmarking, measuring return on investment and good governance.

We focus on providing ongoing strategic governance – we analyse a client’s population to understand their employees' benefits behaviours to enable them to make recommendations and decisions about their benefits provisions in relation to their corporate objectives.

65% of employees say they would expect their employer to provide guidance on the employee benefits they offer and how appropriate each benefit might be to them and their family.

68% of employees say they are more likely to take a job if their future employer offers a good employee benefits package.

Supporting clients

Working with our experienced team of employee benefits consultants will help you to develop a reward and benefits package that perfectly corresponds with your specific organisational goals and your employees’ motivations.

We will perform an audit of your existing benefits package and analyse the risks involved. We will develop a long-term, detailed plan for delivering maximum return on investment to your business.

We can also perform a global strategic audit and review – this will help to ensure that your reward and benefits package is ideal for your workforce and for your business around the world.

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This will help you to understand where engagement fits within your business, and will advise you on how, what and when you should communicate. Using our market-leading demographic insight, we will know who your people are and so will be able to provide the most appropriate media mix.

This will help to improve benefit participation and will, ultimately, increase employee and employer savings.

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This will help you to conduct regular workforce demographics reviews, to ensure that your strategy always alters in line with any changes to your workforce and your business.

We will use a combination of data assets and the latest in demographic analytics to enable you to ‘know your employees’ to a depth that will transform your decision-making.

This will ensure that the benefits programme you offer is based on up-to-date market analysis and current trends in employee benefits, maintaining competitiveness and optimising benefit costs against the value to your employees.

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We have developed a flexible approach to our acquisition support model so that we can provide as much or as little support as you need. We will help you to fully integrate and harmonise your benefits programme.

Client testimonial

Capita has really understood our corporate strategy and challenged us to achieve the best possible scheme for our workforce. As we move into ‘business as usual’, we’ve welcomed Capita’s analytical approach to benefits governance, and their delivery of real value in steering our benefits strategy.

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