Defined contribution (DC) pensions

We deliver DC excellence by providing the right tools to better manage your DC pension plan.

We have over 50 dedicated DC specialists; alongside them we have our teams of investment and administration experts and our own in-house creative agency, all working together to deliver excellence throughout the life cycle of your DC pension arrangements.

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Our approach

We believe that the path to delivering DC excellence is founded around four key elements of our consultancy approach and service, which can be summarised under the acronym MAESTRO:

Member Analytics – building a deep understanding of your membership profiles
Education – engaging members and helping them to make informed pension choices, from recruitment to retirement
Strategy – helping you to design and manage your DC pension plan in line with your broader corporate goals
Oversight – providing genuine, meaningful analysis that allows you to meet your regulatory responsibility and corporate governance objectives

48% of employees in DC schemes find pensions-related terminology to be complicated and confusing which is a barrier to plan effectively for retirement.

63% of DC members do not know where their pension contributions are invested.

Our services

The MAESTRO philosophy covers a number of propositions to support clients, including:

This innovative multi-media programme is designed to prepare individuals effectively for their retirement and to help them to make informed decisions, by raising their awareness of lifestyle factors as well as financial considerations and by identifying common pitfalls.

It is also designed to help pension scheme trustees meet legal and regulatory duties, and to assist employers in meeting their HR and workforce planning objectives.


We segment and analyse the membership of each individual scheme in order to design more appropriate investment strategies and to build coherent and appropriate member engagement strategies.


We have developed a governance planning tool with measurable means of assessing your governance approach compared with that of others, gaps in your existing governance practice, areas where the governance spend should be focused to optimise return on investment, and compliance with new and existing regulatory expectations and training requirements.

The tool is flexible enough to assess structures and practices against the Pensions Regulator’s requirements, whilst still factoring in specific beliefs and objectives.

We will work in partnership with you to develop a strategic audit and review of your DC pension plan and we will provide you with the direction you need to ensure that your pension provision is delivering optimum value and that it is cost-effective, administratively robust, compliant with all legislation and future-proofed.

We will provide you with an insight into the regulatory demands, ensure that you have the necessary documentation available to evidence compliance to the Pensions Regulator, and assist you in developing and publishing a compliant Chair’s Governance Statement.

Client testimonial

Capita’s in-depth analysis of our employee demographics and their partnership with us in working towards understanding our corporate strategy has helped us develop proposals aimed at delivering change via an online and mobile platform, with targeted communications and benefits which more closely align to the life needs of our diverse and evolving employee population.

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