Flexible benefits

We provide a data-led technology-enabled flexible benefits approach.

We work with you to implement a flexible benefits solution that offers your employees the ability to select and tailor their very own benefits package, to meet their lifestyle needs.

The cornerstone of any successful benefits solution and administration service is expert consultancy, which is why we listen carefully to our clients and their workforce to fully understand their business and their needs.

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Our approach

Our experienced and creative teams of flex practitioners can help you deliver game-changing flexible benefits programmes, supported by our market-leading employee benefits portal, Orbit. The portal will be built and configured to match your company’s values and requirements at that moment in time.

Our consultants will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your flexible benefits solution is not only engaging but also cost-effective, well communicated to your staff and administered efficiently throughout.

Introducing a flexible benefits programme will help to:

  • Provide a high-quality benefits package that is highly valued by employees
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Mitigate risk 
  • Provide direct cost savings through benefits that offer the employer salary savings and salary sacrifice agreements
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Attract the best talent in the market

62% of employees that have flexible benefits and are currently using them say they are in a good benefits scheme while 9% believe they are in a poor scheme.

In the last month, there were over 1.9 million page views on our own pension and benefits portal, Orbit.

Choice and flexibility

Our award-winning flexible benefits practice will work with you to design, manage, and administer a suite of benefits that resonate with employees.


Our consultants will ensure that you have a selection of benefits in place which appeal to your demographic, maximise take up and drive engagement.

By focusing on these areas we will ensure that you secure the best possible national insurance savings through salary sacrifice and provide a suite of market-leading benefits that are truly valued by your employees.

When reviewing benefits we will always review the whole of the market to ensure the best terms for our clients. When obtaining market rates, we are able to negotiate much better terms than would normally be available, due to our market standing and influence with providers.

TRS can be an invaluable tool in improving the perception of the benefits you provide to your employees. They are proven to increase employee engagement with benefits, and ultimately with you as their employer.

Tailored to suit the individual, TRS can be delivered through our online benefits portal, Orbit, and also in hard copy with complementary branding. These are personalised to an individual level and include only the benefits an employee is eligible to receive.

Personalised TRS also allow employees to see a snapshot of their complete rewards package, including optional elements they may have selected through a flexible benefits programme. This helps employees understand and appreciate their total reward package by making it more visible.

In today’s environment we recognise that employers are increasingly challenged with cost management, while at the same time improving the health of their employees, managing risk and engagement.

Our approach to health management consulting offers a truly holistic service where administration is streamlined; your organisation benefits from the low costs associated with our market leverage and our pioneering consulting teams lead you to the forefront of industry thinking.

Our consultants will ensure you receive the ideal health management programme aligned with your corporate strategy and your budget by leading you through our five stage renewal cycle.

Client testimonial

We’ve had another successful flex launch thanks to the hard work of you guys. You made our lives as easy as possible and did exactly what we needed you to do.

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