Health management

We provide market-leading consultancy, broking and administration to design and deliver an affordable, sustainable and relevant health management strategy.

We realise that employees have different needs and that, over time, these needs change according to individual circumstances and the world around us. Consequently, it is important for a healthcare plan to reflect these differences.

Our approach is underpinned by a simple but highly effective rationale which we call ‘assure’.

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Our approach

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Affordable – The costs must be within budget and deliver measurable value for money.

Self-sustaining – Future costs must be clear, predictable and manageable, allowing for a long-term strategic approach.

Relevant – Benefits need to resonate with the workforce if they are to engender a true sense of engagement and loyalty.

Whether you’re part of a small, large or multi-national organisation, we’ll ensure that you receive the ideal health management programme aligned with your corporate strategy and your budget.

70% of employees say they feel less productive if they come into work whilst ill.

63% of employees admitted that last time they were ill they went to work anyway.

'Assure' philosophy

The ‘assure’ philosophy covers a number of propositions to support clients, including:

We use behavioural analytics to place employees at the centre of benefits design.

Our analytics tools allow us to identify your specific corporate health risk and help to determine the true drivers of health-related claims.

We focus our attentions on alternative sustainable, affordable and relevant benefit options which are meaningful for the whole of the workforce.

By doing so, we help you to achieve employee engagement, staff attraction and staff retention.

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Whether you’re part of a small, large or multinational organisation, we’ll ensure that you receive the ideal health management programme aligned with your corporate strategy and your budget.

We will help to customise a plan that drives successful engagement and promotes responsibility, and we will challenge the benefit providers in order to make the health benefits offering the best it can be.

Placing your death benefits into our master trust can result in savings, increased efficiency, risk mitigation and peace of mind for you and your employees.

Our implementation process has been designed to make it easier to provide group life assurance benefits, and focuses on ‘fit for purpose’.

Welcome to Capita

We provide specialist consultancy services on international short-term assignments, digital healthcare, private medical insurance, life assurance, income protection insurance, critical illness insurance, health screening, travel insurance, personal accident insurance, dental insurance, health cash plans and employee assistance programmes.

According to our Employee Insight Report 2015, almost half (45.3%) of employees feel that their employer has a responsibility to help manage their personal health and wellbeing, with six out of the top ten most desirable benefits being health-related, placing a firm emphasis on incorporating health benefits into a well-structured reward package.

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