Equality, inclusion and diversity

Delivering on a plan that improves and accelerates D&I outcomes will help to build a more inclusive and agile workplace that attracts, engages and retains the best talent.

Changing D&I practices within an organisation means changing ‘the way things get done around here’, which is no easy task. These changes require:

  • Employees to understand the business case for D&I
  • Employees to alter their behaviours and attitudes
  • The workplace to evolve and change existing policies, processes, and systems
  • Leaders to move from being ‘bored’ to ‘on board’ regarding D&I by demanding change

Our Services 

Capita Talent Consulting provides a full range of services and resources to help clients achieve faster, measurable and sustainable progress towards their D&I objectives.  The execution of the D&I strategy requires deep insight and expertise, which we offer through bespoke tools and highly expert consultancy based on years of global practice.

Our industry renowned consultants work with you, using their decades of expertise and our bespoke tools to determine the key elements and decisions required to design and implement an effective and cohesive D&I strategy. We know how to avoid the classic pitfalls and help you avoid costly mistakes which often occur when time, effort and budgets are focused on D&I-related activities which only address symptoms rather than achieving the fundamental change required. 

Our approach

The Capita approach addresses the critical success factors for successful D&I:

  • Clear data used to identify, track and benchmark needs and progress
  • Coherent D&I business case and strategy 
  • Clear leadership commitment and accountability
  • Strengthened leader and manager capability
  • Active D&I communication as a business issue
  • Integration of D&I into core people and business processes
  • Robust D&I governance and reporting structures
  • Culture change to support policy & process improvement

Our Technology: Diversity Intelligence

We specialise in diagnostics which take the ‘cultural pulse’ of your organisation and help you make the right decisions based on current data and insight. We have developed a suite of powerful D&I diagnostic tool that can refine your existing, or determine your future, D&I strategies and policies.  

Our comprehensive research and analysis combined with the way we present the results in a clear accessible way, enables leaders to clearly identify issues, (leaving no room for doubt or denial), and provides a clear set of recommendations to help you develop a business relevant diversity strategy.