Employee engagement

Our approach is to partner with your business to understand it, its challenges, aspirations and working environment, then to provide actionable insight and innovative solutions underpinned by strong governance and rigour.

Working with us gives you access to the entire range of Capita’s practical experience across a diverse range of sectors and services. We can help you make changes to the way your organisation manages people; giving you clear, tangible and quantifiable benefits.

  • Engagement survey action planning
  • Organisational health-checks
  • Employee well-being programmes

Our Services

Engagement survey action planning

Following an employee engagement survey, it’s important to maintain momentum through comprehensive action-planning, in partnership with a strong communications programme. Capita can work with HR and your leadership team to turn that report into an actionable and measurable plan that brings the whole business on board.

We believe in communication is a powerful cornerstone of engagement and we can assist you in developing a communication flow and processes. Our powerful MI keeps information flowing for the good of the business and provides constant feedback about the health of the organisation.

Our aim is to help you create an organisational culture where the workforce is engaged and enabled, and where the contribution of employees is recognised by managers. Engagement and enablement have a proven positive impact on the line.

Organisational health-checks

Capita will support your organisation in its journey to become a workplace where people can perform to the best of their ability. We help you understand the culture within your organisation through tailored surveys and interactive workshops, then help you shape the culture you wish to build.

We use interventions that are appropriate for the scale and maturity of your organisation, from simple policy health-checks and line manager compliance checks, through to projects such as fit-for-work and employee wellbeing programmes. We will review employee engagement levels and help you implement strategies to enhance or refine it.

Employee well-being programmes

Health and wellbeing is a critical component of your employee value proposition. Our approach to employee health and wellbeing includes a review of a wide range of both hard and soft elements. Capita’s analytics-based methodology enables organisations to get a full understanding (from the experiences of employees) of factors including culture, engagement, physical and mental wellbeing, work-life balance and manager capability.

Capita’s experienced consultants will make recommendations on improving health and wellbeing through practical interventions as part of a planned and tactical strategy. This may include hard elements such as health packages, arrangements for returning from extended leave, and creating healthy habits in the workplace; as well as soft elements, such as how and where people work, managing stress, and recognising signs of poor mental health.

We have worked closely with Capita for 10+ years and have found their service invaluable.