Resourcing optimisation

In today’s rapidly changing business world, talent has become a dominant issue at the top table and CEOs are increasingly demanding greater strategic impact from their resourcing teams.

To deliver tangible value, resourcing teams need to have a greater understanding of the business’ current and future strategic drivers than ever before. Capita offers:

  • A smart approach to defining, delivering and embedding effective, measureable change in any resourcing function, however large or small, sophisticated or inexperienced
  • Advice on your resourcing strategy and target operating model
  • Operational support to enhance the effectiveness of your end to-end recruiting capability.

Our Services

We transform the efficiency and effectiveness of our client’s resourcing functions. Our expert consultants, robust methodologies, toolkits and approach to skills and knowledge transfer enable our clients to operate from a solid foundation and to provide business-aligned high impact services.

The Capita HR Consultancy is a ‘full fat’, proven, transformation management business. From our rigorous four step methodology, our project benefits validation tool, and our project and risk management tools, our experienced consultants are supported by best practice thinking, knowledge platforms and transparent structures and processes.

Some of our clients instinctively ‘know’ what they need to fix, although they may not always know exactly why, or indeed how. Our ’Accelerated Benefit Boot Camp’ enables them to make significant improvements quickly and simply AND demonstrate the benefits to the business.

Our solutions, and our philosophy, have been designed to address the real causes of transformation failure. We understand exactly what the problems are, and our solutions and tools have been built specifically to address them.

Our approach

Structure: Every element of a Capita managed transformation programme is defined and structured by a detailed delivery framework that we agree with our clients before we start work. The framework clearly defines activities, deliverables and how we will measure our success.

Method: Every engagement is built on our four step methodology (QUAD). This proven method provides a rigour and structure to all our projects. It defines exactly how we manage activities, deliverables and measures. QUAD also provides a structure to support our ‘educate and exit’ philosophy.

Agility: Our 25 boot camps, that individually address the key areas of resourcing activity, governance and compliance, are delivered by exceptionally experienced consultants that have the ability and mind-set to deliver outstanding results to the most challenging time frames.

Expertise transfer: Our comprehensive knowledge platform gives our consultants and clients open access to all our expertise and supports the consistent application of that expertise in a shared environment.

Our Technology: Resourcing Intelligence

Whether you need to focus on permanent recruitment, contingent hiring or the full scope of all recruitment activity across the business, Resourcing Intelligence can be configured to your exact requirements.

Resourcing Intelligence provides the insight you need to design and deliver transformation and continuous improvement programmes that are driven by a deep, accurate and measurable understanding of the priorities and requirements of your complex and diverse stakeholder community.

Once a development framework is agreed Resourcing Intelligence continues to measure your success in effecting the targeted changes and improvements that will make a real difference to the performance and impact of your resourcing function.

We have always found their staff to be very helpful and knowledgeable.