Mortality screening

We offer a range of comprehensive mortality screening services in which we administer the process on behalf of the trustee.

Our online mortality checking system enables identity and verification checks to be made on individuals, and this ensures there is evidence of death coupled with identity, residency and no sanctions/alerts against the individual. 

Our thorough approach ensures that the records being accessed are accurate, as our solution incorporates weekly updates from our preferred data sources.

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Our approach

If trustees have not previously carried out mortality screening exercises or are concerned that their processes to date may have been inadequate, then the first step is for us to carry out a bulk exercise on their behalf to bring records up to date and identify any existing incorrect payments.

Thereafter, a regular screening exercise will be undertaken to ensure that records and payments stay accurate. In our Pensions Scheme Insight report 2015, the majority of screening exercises are undertaken by trustees on a monthly basis; however, quarterly or annually screenings can also be used, if preferred.

We screen the details of an individual against government death data such as the Disclosure of Death Registration Information (DDRI) and General Register Office (GRO) databases, which hold death records from 1984 to the present day.

By applying several data cleansing techniques such as intelligent matching (whereby name variations - William, Billy etc. - would be considered), we can filter the data in order to identify whether the member has been registered as dead.

Our metholodgy

Our methodical screening process allows trustees to access accurate mortality records in order to achieve the following beneficial outcomes:


Overpayments to deceased members are stopped and funding levels can be achieved as planned.


By knowing the member’s status i.e. dead or alive, de-risking costs are reduced and journey plans realigned more accurately.

Protect the scheme from fraudulent activity e.g. IOD fraud.


Trustees can meet the data and record keeping standards set by the Pensions Regulator.

Support the sponsor’s need for accurate and effective liability management.

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