Full-service solution

Our full-service one-stop package has been developed with a particular focus on small to medium-sized employer-sponsored defined benefit (DB) pension schemes, where the level of advice and service requirements can sometimes differ from that sought by much larger pension arrangements.

Many schemes are now considering whether greater value can be achieved by having one main service provider rather than many. We have a highly transparent, fairly priced structure to assist clients in setting and monitoring budgets and controlling costs. We deliver our core ‘one-stop shop’ services on a fixed-price basis.

Non-routine consultancy services or one-off projects are delivered on a time-cost basis, and in some cases on a fixed-fee basis, with estimates provided and agreed in advance. However, even here we provide excellent value for money as our time-cost rates are highly competitive.

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Navigating the future journey

Our consultancy can help sponsors and trustees to better understand how to manage pension plan risks to meet their goals.

Pension scheme trustees and sponsors often have different views on how pension schemes should be invested and funded. What is important, however, is that both parties should agree to run their pension schemes with a long-term de-risking plan in mind.

Developing such a clear path provides an informed framework that will enable both parties to weigh up the different options and understand how the funding position and investment strategy might evolve over time.

We will work with you to implement a strategy that aims to monitor, manage and reduce the pension scheme’s risks, taking advantage of opportunities to reduce risk at a pace that suits both scheme and budget, to help sponsors and trustees achieve their ultimate goal: successfully navigating their scheme to its final destination.

More than half of the schemes with January 2016 as their renewal date saw online log-ins from at least 78% of their employees.

82% of UK adults shop online and 67% bank and pay bills online.

A ‘one-stop shop’ for pension scheme management

Welcome to Capita
 Implementation Administration, Accounting and Payroll 
On-boarding of data and appropriate level of automation Record keeping
Member access portal Calculations
An initial journey planning meeting Processing movements
Data cleanse Member correspondence
GMP reconciliation Pensioner existence checks
Consideration of equalisation position Compliance documents and activities
 Actuarial and investment Defined benefit consulting and scheme secretarial
Triennial valuation including modelling and sensitivity analysis Your “Pensions Manager”
Annual actuarial report Trustee Meetings – Attendance and collation of papers
Annual review of appropriateness of asset allocation relative to liabilities Standard governance documents
Triennial actuarial factor review Liaison relating to the Trustees Report & Accounts
Triennial review of Statement of Investment Principles  

Non-routine consultancy services or one-off projects are delivered on a pre-agreed fixed-fee basis where they can be clearly scoped, and on a time-cost basis with budgets where they cannot. We continue to provide excellent value for money, as our time-cost rates are highly competitive. Examples of optional extras include:

  • Governance checks
  • Buy-in/out recommendations
  • Scheme wind-up services
  • Project work
  • Special member communications – helpline
  • Member tracing
  • De-risking exercises
  • Benefit audits and benefit rectification
  • Employee benefit and reward strategy review
  • Asset liability modelling exercises
  • Advice on selection of investment managers

Our solution provides each scheme with a dedicated manager who has full responsibility for every aspect of the delivery of our services.

By having this single point of contact, we instantly take away much of the grief of dealing with multiple suppliers, giving trustees and sponsors back the time they need to focus on the areas where they can really add value.

Our services are driven by the best technology available. Our highly robust award-winning administration system, HartLink, works hand in hand with the holistic actuarial valuation and analytics platform, PFaroe.

This powerful combination puts schemes right at the vanguard of modern pension scheme management.

We offer a transparent, fairly priced structure to assist clients in setting and monitoring budgets and in controlling costs. Following an initial consultation and appraisal, we will provide each scheme with a specific price for our services.

Client testimonial

From the first meeting we were struck by the professional assurance of the Capita team who, although from different functions, worked together as a single unit. They were conscious of our business needs and took the time to understand the challenges we faced. Capita had a complete technical solution, but also pragmatic pensions staff who understood the underpinning legislation and how their software could be used to meet its requirements. They delivered on what they promised, on time, under budget and thoroughly implemented, with ongoing client support now in place.

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