In-house pensions software

For over forty years our pensions administration software has helped public and private pension funds enhance service capabilities, lower operating costs, and respond to complex and frequently changing business requirements.

Our fully owned portfolio of software is at the cutting edge of pensions administration software solutions and is used by 35 different in-house administration teams across the UK to administer their 1.75 million pension scheme members.

We provide the most advanced technology you’ll find, and the breadth of products it manages is unmatched anywhere. This allows you to pick and choose the elements that fit your organisation’s objectives, and puts you in control of managing your pensions.

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Leading solution - built for you

The UK pension market has gone through significant change over the past decade and complex reforms have led employers and administrators to reassess how they manage their pension schemes.

The technology used to support pensions administration has also evolved significantly over the last five years, reflecting the changing needs of sponsors, trustees and scheme members.

Based on extensive market and customer research programmes, Capita has significantly invested in the development of a single platform pensions administration system which combines the dual benefits of commercial off-the-shelf software with the unrestricted flexibility of custom design.

Thanks to its modular design, our pensions administration software offers a breadth and depth of functionality that will meet the needs of any organisation. It can also be customised easily to meet your specific business needs, connecting into a wide range of collaborative products that provide workflow and document management tools.

68% of trustees and pension managers highlighted reliability as the main thing they would look for in a pension software provider.

Administration has received board-level attention for 51% of pension schemes, and a further 14% of schemes believe this is imminent.

What we can do for you

From driving member engagement and automating everyday tasks to simplifying processes and reducing costs, our pensions administration solution delivers measurable results for your organisation. 

We pride ourselves on having one of the most advanced online experiences in the market.

Not only does it facilitate greater self-service, it also delivers an intuitive user experience that is a resource members will use on an ongoing basis. Clearly, member self-service is one of the key aspects of cost control; however, it is just one element of the process, the initial step of which is getting people to use the digital services.

We have worked with many pension schemes to produce communications that drive engagement, education and training via our digital services. This has delivered greater online adoption and resultant cost savings to these schemes.

Our solution removes unwanted manual processes, improving both operational effi ciency and your ability to track and monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) and critical success factors (CSFs).


Our solution meets all your specifi c requirements with limited configuration, including displaying real-time member data, delivering straight-through processing and providing access to relevant employer data and information (MI).


We can provide you with market-leading software and a hassle-free implementation process. All implementation projects are managed and controlled in accordance with PRINCE 2 methodology, providing an internationally recognised and proven structure.

A number of recent client software implementations have led to an overall cost saving when compared to their previous software platform, and this is even after the cost of implementation has been factored in.

Pensions Admin software

We know how important a clear pricing structure is to our customers, so we don’t want you to have any surprises.

Therefore, we deliver cost certainty to your implementation project and the opportunity to reduce costs over the contract term.

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