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Orbit is our proprietary employee benefits platform. It provides a single seamless employee benefits journey and was designed with the user in mind at every stage of the process.

Built around our revolutionary concept of ‘the audience of one’, the site is personalised to each employee, rather than taking the ‘one size fits all’ approach of other systems.

We understand the importance of user experience, and have invested heavily in this area. As a result, Orbit has a highly intuitive look and feel that keeps your employees engaged and offers them a single seamless journey to everything they need to know about benefits.

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It used to be the case that a benefits platform was just that – a system that dealt solely with employee benefits.

Orbit is different. Through its groundbreaking approach it offers a single streamlined solution and easy, complete access to information.

The site’s intelligent tiled interface allows all benefit modules to be displayed in one place, bound by the site’s visual glue. Your employees will experience a joined-up narrative around every aspect of their benefits, increasing their perception of their value to you.

Orbit is fully single sign-on (SSO) compatible and can connect to any system. We have long-established interfaces with all of the major and boutique HR, payroll and provider systems, reducing administration and the requirement for spreadsheets.

In the last month, there were over 1.9 million page views on our own pension and benefits portal, Orbit.

82% of UK adults shop online and 67% bank and pay bills online.

Employee data is pulled through at the front end of the system, ensuring that your employees are greeted with relevant personalised data every time they sign in.

Your employees want access to their benefits on the move, as well as in the office. In addition, they want to access their benefits using a range of devices, including PCs, Macs, tablets, smartphones and other hand-held devices. Our groundbreaking user-centred design interacts with them all, recognises what device is being used, and automatically displays the page in the optimal layout for that device, no apps required.

Orbit gives members of your pension scheme online access to manage their pension, allowing them to plan their tomorrows, today.

Through Orbit, your employees can opt into or out of their scheme, change contributions, switch investment funds, view and update personal details, view details of their benefit entitlement, update benefit nominations, and generate queries to the administration team.

Orbit’s online communications functionality includes traditional facilities, such as the availability of PDF versions of scheme communications materials, and more proactive communication channels, such as the member mailbox facility. This allows for documents and/or emails to be issued to individuals, groups of individuals or the whole membership.

Orbit’s powerful management information (MI) control centre will provide you with accurate MI in real time, giving you the information you need, when you need it. Obtaining immediate MI through our system means you have detailed information on a vast number of benefits issues at your fingertips, including auto-enrolment.

We can provide you with bespoke reports, tailored to your specific needs, via the control centre within Orbit. Reports are set up and scheduled in the MI section of Orbit’s administration screens. This can be performed during implementation or at a later date, should the need for a specific report arise after Orbit has launched.

There is also a facility for you to set up ad-hoc reporting without having to contact your administrator at Capita.

Orbit’s multi-platform accessibility and design flexibility provide unlimited possibilities for rich, creative communications content for your employees. Many employers use Orbit as their communications hub, hosting HR and employee benefits materials using a range of media formats, including video, podcasts and even animation.

With Orbit you get a powerfully personalised communication experience, branded, shaped and tailored to an audience of one. Data in the background drives the experience in the foreground through our unique content tiles.

Outer Orbit communications complete your benefits eco-system. Engagement increases your return on investment in Orbit, by helping your people to value the benefits you provide. And happy employees make more successful businesses.

Only a hands-on look can give you the true feel of how good the Orbit online experience is.

To find out more about this clever, game-changing technology and to book a demonstration, please click here to visit our dedicated Orbit microsite.

Client testimonial

Our decision to select Capita as our new partner has been strongly vindicated. We’ve been impressed with Orbit; its flexibility, engagement and performance levels.

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