We take care of all aspects of joining from contract stage to induction. You can have confidence that we will accurately articulate your company ethos and employee value proposition, so your new joiners have a smooth journey into the business.

Using Capita ensures your new joiners are managed into the organisation in a consistent and professional manner, building their connection with the organisation and making sure they are up and running as quickly as possible.

Our services

Issue contracts

We take full responsibility for the issuing of contracts, whether for one role, or as part of a large recruitment drive. Our contracts service ensures legal obligations are met and therefore minimises risk to the organisation.


We build bespoke induction programmes for our clients that are aligned to their brand and values, that welcome new joiners in to the organisation. The Capita team is your team, and we ensure all new joiners have a consistent experience. As well as articulating the company ethos, we ensure all necessary new joiner information is gathered, facilitating the induction process with minimal time commitment from in-house teams.

General company information

To expedite the on boarding process, we ensure every new joiner has a full understanding of the role and of the organisation. We can prepare company information packs, ensuring new starters are well-briefed from day one. Information packs help to provide a consistent and professional on-boarding experience. Packs are fully client branded as is delivery by the Capita team so you are building your brand from the outset.

Living the brand

We live your brand and values. The Capita team becomes part of your organisation; we aim to become your colleagues rather than a service provider. We embed ourselves in your organisation’s culture and communicate in your language and via your channels, presenting a professional and consistent employer brand to candidates and new joiners. We help to build your brand and articulate your proposition.

We negotiated a bespoke contract with Capita HR to ensure that the service that we receive adequately meets our needs. We have been more than impressed with the efficiency and flexibility of the service provided. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend a bespoke service to other Headteachers or service users.