Integrated HR and payroll software

Ingenuity@work (IAW) from Capita is the ideal software solution for organisations seeking an advanced, integrated payroll and human resource management system.

The solution will give you greater control over payroll and human resource management, and its inherent workflow processing will provide your organisation with both immediate and ongoing benefits.

The solution is designed to be comprehensive and easy to use and is based on an understanding of the daily needs of operations, HR and payroll departments in terms of standard processes and document requirements. However, the system is flexible enough to ensure that any elements are configurable to reflect an organisation’s unique culture and priorities.

Typically, the solution will be deployed across an organisation to streamline administrative processes, avoid the double-entry of any data, allocate tasks, and progress the general people-related workflow. All this activity will operate from a single system, within which different groups of users will each have their own responsibilities and roles.

In most cases, this degree of automation will be introduced by an organisation after a period of internal analysis and consultation. In such circumstances our solution is implemented first to meet the specific departmental needs of HR and payroll users, and the automated procedures are only subsequently deployed to a larger audience.

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Flexible deployment options

Ingenuity@work (IAW) is supported by an experienced implementation, consultancy and support team based in the UK. How your solution is deployed is up to you; on-site, outsourced or as a bureau service.

One named contact for every client: Capita does not operate as a call centre. You will have a named contact as well as a back-up contact, enabling a strong partnership to be built.

Technology: IAW is a very flexible system that can be integrated with almost any existing platform to ensure organisational continuity and to create further supported by an experienced UK-based implementation, consultancy and support team. How your solution is deployed is up to you: on-site, outsourced or as a bureau service.

Reliable and accurate: Between us we have more than 50 years’ experience in HR and payroll. We are fully conversant with UK payroll and are able to discuss any issues. If required, we are happy to explain payroll and tax calculations to your employees.

Flexibility: Although deadlines have to be agreed to ensure that salaries are paid on time, we aim to be as flexible as possible. We also build in time within the payroll and schedule for you to review and approve your payroll each month.

Customer service: We go the extra mile and will seek clarification, should your payroll data be ambiguous. We will also always let you know if we feel we can offer a suggestion for a better way of meeting your payroll requirements.

IAW is used by many of our clients for positive payrolls ranging from 200+ employees to over 9,800 employees weekly.

Our performance indicator and our current performance is 99%.

Highly configurable modules

Our solution includes the following highly configurable modules, which are accessed across both local and wide-area networks, as well as via an intranet and the internet:

Our solution offers one of the most sophisticated and flexible payroll systems available, giving you the best possible solution for either in-house use or as a bureau or managed service. It is in use by a large number of both private and public sector organisations, which range in size from fewer than 100 employees to almost 100,000 employees.

The solution provides you with the tools to manage the whole life cycle of each employee. Payroll is fully integrated with other Ingenuity modules, as well as being interfaced with a broad range of other applications, such as accounting, time & attendance and pension administration systems. Key payroll functions include:

  • Processing of pay in any number of currencies
  • Retrospective pay and costing
  • Unlimited number of 'supplementary pay runs' for each employee in any pay period
  • Online payroll history
  • User-definable input screens
  • Effective-date-based calculations
  • Creditor remittances and submission of electronic files
  • International payrolls

Within a managed service solution, international payrolls can also be processed, thereby providing a single database of pay and HR-related information for a multi-national enterprise.

The HR module enables management teams to focus more effectively on strategic HR issues by automating administrative tasks and providing easy access to personnel information. Our solution retains all historical data so that reports and analysis can be produced at any time, allowing for a better understanding of employee movements and trends.

The information and processes of the HR system are fully integrated with all other modules, meaning that HR users can access all data that has been entered, authorised or validated by employees, supervisory staff and payroll users. Key HR functions are to create and update records of:

  • Employee information
  • Salary packages, including benefits and allowances
  • Positions and establishment details
  • Competencies and appraisals
  • Training courses

Capita will help with the automation of administrative tasks, and will also analyse and assist with the treatment of accidents, disciplinary actions, grievances and working parties. Information can be pre-set to change on given dates and can be applied individually or for selected groupings of records.

Organisation modelling

Organisational models can be created and maintained by dragging and dropping positions and employees details within graphical charts, which may then be printed or published within the self-service module.

The recruitment module covers the entire recruitment process from the identification of vacancies through to the employment of an applicant.

The solution allows for as much, or as little, information as you wish to be maintained for each vacancy. The procedures for managing the vacancy process are user-defined, as are the checks and actions that the process is to adhere to. Details of vacancies may be promoted internally, within the self-service application, and externally, over the internet.


Comprehensive information about both internal and external applicants for vacancies may be recorded.

Processing applicants' details 
Facilities exist to move applicants through a structured user-defined recruitment process, at each stage of which different actions and checks can be performed by Capita, including the production of letters, the booking of interviews, and the requesting and recording of information.
Filling a vacancy

A vacancy is filled either when one or more applicants are employed, or when the vacancy is closed. Details of new employees are immediately available within the HR database. If required, further actions and checks may be performed post-employment.

The i-Web application is the means by which the solution opens up its database to the wider community outside the HR and payroll departments.

The application allows both employees and supervisory and other staff to view and update any information from within the database that they are granted access to. Where information has been entered or amended, the application may be used, if required, to ensure that it is authorised by one or more other employees, including HR and payroll users, before it can take effect. Such authorisation procedures can be made dependent upon the specific detail or type of a request.

The i-Web application can be made available to users either from within an intranet or across the wider internet. New starters can be granted access immediately to the intranet application and former employees can be restricted from using it after they have left.

A large number of standard forms are provided in order to address the common enquiry and procedural requirements of most organisations. These forms may be used as they are or they can be modified to closely resemble an organisation’s existing intranet application. Additional forms can be introduced in order to meet the specific requirements of an organisation.

Examples of usage:

By Employees:

Self Certification of Sickness
Holiday Requests
Entry of Time Sheets
Payslip Enquiries
Benefit Statements
Maintenance of some personal information

By Supervisors:

Authorisation of Time Sheets
Payroll Input
Entry of a team’s absences
Rostering of Staff

By Managers:

Requests to create Vacancies
Authorisation of Payroll Input
Changing employees’ contract terms
Planned Salary Changes
Completion of Appraisals
Booking / Requesting Training Courses

By Everybody:

Training Schedules
Telephone Lists

The solution allows for the recording of employees' and agency staff's attendance electronically, from clocking devices, other systems or WEB-based timesheets.

Complex working patterns and shift patterns can be defined and assigned to employees for the purposes of calculating worked hours and absences, and for generating work rosters.

Supervisory staff will be required to authorise information relating to their staff, and can do so within easy-to-use screens.

Information from the time and attendance module may easily be made available to the payroll so that it can be paid and costed.