Payroll bureau

We run 1,500 payrolls, paying over £1.7bn to 3 million client employees and pensioners in the UK and Ireland as well as providing 36m pay slips per year.

We act as the sole touchpoint for all pay transactions including payslips, ad-hoc allowances and bonuses for the entire employee lifecycle.

As Capita is not tied to one technology provider, we have the flexibility to choose the right platform for your needs, or to work with your existing ERP solution to ensure organisational continuity. We work with you to determine the level of service you require; which helps us determine the best technology platform on which to deliver your service.

The controlled framework of our service centre enables us to provide an accurate, efficient service to your schedules. Our service improvement plan demonstrates our commitment to deliver a better service year-on-year.

Our services


Our investments in technology, infrastructure and rigorous business continuity planning mean that our systems will always be able to meet payroll deadlines. We focus on achieving 100% payroll accuracy and on time payments for all our client employees, averting employee discontent and impact on performance caused by inaccuracies.

Expenses processing

Through our shared service centre we remove the administration burden of day to day expense processing. We can also manage expenses for those working on secondments, placements or working as expatriates. Our robust systems for checking and paying expenses provide you with reassurance and reduce the burden on in-house teams.

P11D and P45

Capita can liaise with employees and HMRC on your behalf to ensure compliance with employee and tax regulations. We can report end-of-year expenses and benefits for employees through P11D and process leavers with issuing of P45.

Living wage

We can transition employees to the living wage and advise on salary levels for roles. We manage all aspects of payroll whilst ensuring your organisation operates with good governance including meeting minimum and living wage requirements.

Absence management

Using our in-depth knowledge of legislation and best-practice, we calculate entitlements for sick and statutory pay in line with your company policy.  We help you to manage absence effectively and ensure compliance with regulations.

Equal Pay

Through job evaluation we help you ensure equal pay for equal work. We can also advise on pay structures for specific roles, or across the organisation. We help you to stay competitive in terms of remuneration and benefits, helping you to attract and retain the best talent, whilst ensuring your reward structure operates with good governance.

As you know, both Debra in the Infant School and myself have recently reviewed our payroll contracts. The result of this review is that we are staying with Capita, as in value for money and service they could not be bettered. The information we were provided with by you during the review process was very comprehensive and easy to compare against other companies.